Reddit Is Barking Mad Over This Dad Who Insists on Bringing His Dog Around His Niece

Pet parents, it’s time you learned a hard truth: not everyone likes your dog or cat or other furry, feathery, slimy, or scaly creature that you call family. In fact, some people are really, really not animal lovers — and that’s OK! What’s not OK is trying to force your animal upon people after they set a clear boundary, something this one dad on Reddit keeps doing.

A mom wrote in to ask Reddit if her husband Boddy is an a—hole for insisting their niece spend time with their dog, despite the objections of the girl’s dad (who is Bobby’s brother Thomas). It’s complicated, so let’s dive in!

As a little background, the OP wrote that Thomas has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) “especially regarding his daughter (Ellie – 1) and our dog (2 yr old lab – Bella).”

“After his daughter was born, we all found out that he has really bad issues with germs,” the mom continued about her brother-in-law Thomas. “He’s super careful with sanitizing and limiting germ exposure. For example, if they go out to eat, he spends like 20 minutes wiping down the high chair before letting Ellie sit in it, or if she goes to the playground, he changes her clothes right when they get home.”

But here’s where Bobby has a problem: Thomas doesn’t like his daughter around Bobby’s dog. “We have a dog who we view as our child,” the mom continued. “Thomas hates bringing Ellie around our dog because of the germs. Whenever we get together for family dinners, he used to just hold Ellie, or make us lock Bella up in a different part of the house so that Ellie could run around. He’s starting to realize that that isn’t sustainable, so he’s slowly becoming more comfortable with Ellie running around while Bella is around.”

She went on, “To clarify, Bella mostly leaves Ellie alone. Even though he’s slowly warming up to it, he still refuses to come to our house because of Bella, and even asked us to leave Bella at home when we got together for Christmas (we said no, she’s family).”

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