Reddit Is Defending This Man Who Labeled His Sister an 'Almond Mom'

Remember the discourse over “almond moms”? The viral phrase describes a mother whose restrictive, health-obsessed eating habits end up negatively impacting her children. People on social media have referred to everyone from Yolanda Hadid to Gwyneth Paltrow as almond moms — and now, one Reddit user is in hot water with his sister after using the phrase to describe her.

Writing in the infamous /AmITheAsshole Subreddit, user @alm0ndhater provided some context: He (28M) is super close with his nephew, an 11-year-old boy. Since the kid’s father isn’t in the picture, the Original Poster has tried to be a supportive male figure in his life.

According to OP, his sister (33F) is “an absolute health nut, and her obsession with what she considers a healthy diet has only worsened over time.” It’s beginning to affect his nephew, too, he explained: “I usually try to keep our meals relatively healthy (although maybe not up to my sister’s standards), and half the time my sister will send him over with pre-made meals that she approves of anyways.” For the record, she’s never provided him with explicit guidelines for how to feed her son.

Recently, his nephew came over to watch movies and play video games. His sister didn’t pack any meals for the kid, and OP was craving pizza, so he ordered some for the two of them to share. “It was delicious,” he recalled. “The next morning, I made bacon omelettes with potatoes and a side of fruit. My nephew loved all of it.

Sounds like a pretty balanced breakfast, right? Unfortunately, his nephew’s mom disagreed. She ended up coming over that morning to pick up her kid, and when she smelled OP cooking bacon, she got upset.

“She asked me if the bacon was turkey bacon — it wasn’t. She then asked if the pizza was made with cauliflower crust — it wasn’t,” he wrote. “I told my sister to stop being such an almond mom, and rage ensued after that. She told me that I no longer have overnight privileges with my nephew because I can’t be trusted to feed him properly.”

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