Saarbrücken Edeka measures fever in the case of customer, to test for Coronavirus

Before customers a Edeka branch, were shopping in Saarbrücken, scanned with a thermal imaging camera to your body temperature. This was increased, triggered the Alarm and the client was placed in front of all the other to speech. Now an investigation has been initiated.

Imagine, you want to go shopping and are still referenced at the entrance of the store, because you might be infected with the Coronavirus. The reason for the adoption of: A thermal imaging camera that measures the body temperature of all incoming customer wants to have found that you are feverish and, therefore, pose a risk.

Just as a Edeka to be taken store in Saarbrücken until yesterday – before the Saarland Land commissioners for data protection, Monika Grethel, administrative proceedings. The Luxembourg-Online Portal “L’essentiel” had first reported about it.

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Thermal imaging camera, scanned temperature of the customers

Accordingly, customers of the supermarket would not have been allowed to last only one by one according to the request of an employee, the disinfected cart to the customer’s hands and the shopping, enter. On a Monitor, the employee should have received in addition to the face of every customer, then the body temperature displayed with the aid of a heat image camera, which was mounted at the entrance of the market, such as “L’essentiel”, explains.

The temperature of the customers had been increased, was triggered an Alarm and the staff had asked him for an explanation. This not have had, he is supposed to be to the Left of the transaction requested.

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"Wanted to health of my employees schützen"

At the request of the “Saarbrücker Zeitung” said the store Manager, he was seeking to protect with this method, only “the health of the employees”. The increased temperature of some of the customers had to sometimes wait a long time in the queue in front of the entrance, simply the weather is warm could be due to the past few days, he had been “already aware”. Therefore, you do not have sent to concerned customers home immediately, but given time, in the Foyer to cool down and then repeat the Test again. 

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Breach of data protection basic regulation

Now should have the “Tests” already done. Because according to “L’essentiel” has failed the market so clearly against the data protection regulation (DSGVO): By the movies, personal data, and health data had been collected, in order to identify a potential Corona-Infected.

Therefore, a violation of the right to informational self-determination before the sun. “If someone is asked whether ill or healthy – in front of the eyes of other customers – to-speech, there is clearly the risk of stigmatisation”, cited the Online Portal, an employee of the data protection officer Grethel, has, however, conducted an investigation.

The market leader, the discussion had become too colorful. According to information from the “Saarbrücker Zeitung” he had taken down on Wednesday afternoon, the camera again until further notice. However, he should not have been the only one who uses such a camera, the saarbrücken company “Matec security systems” or to benefit plans – the company is even supposed to work on 100 other orders from the Saarland.

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