Sorry Kourtney Kardashian, you should not be eating food from the bathroom floor

Kourtney Kardashian has received some serious backlash for her most recent Instagram post – and it’s all about food hygiene.

The Kardashians star posted a picture of lots of food lying on the floor and next to the toilet in her bathroom, and her followers were quick to question if it was sanitary.

One user wrote: ‘Food on the toilet, that’s nasty.’

Another commented: ‘Food on the commode and bathroom floor, no ma’am’, while another said: ‘I was just thinking can you please pick your food up off the bathroom floor…especially the toilet. I’ll have some grey poo particles with my croissant’.

And we have to say we are with the internet on this one. It’s one thing to have a cold beer in the shower, it’s another to have food and drink right by the loo.

In fact, Dr Sally Bloomfield, chair of the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene, told ‘It is a very irresponsible thing for her to be doing because in terms of whenever you’re handling food which you’re going to eat there is a risk that it can become contaminated with microbes.

‘Either if you don’t cook it well enough or you don’t store it well enough or it goes onto surfaces or is touched by your hands and they’re contaminated.

‘It’s where we go to defecate, and if anyone has an infectious disease, while they may not be feeling ill at all, those organisms are going to be shed into the toilet, then we flush the toilet and droplets come out of the toilet and spread onto surfaces.

‘So there is a measurable risk and you’re increasing that risk by putting food into the bathroom.’

Dr Bloomfield branded Kourtney’s feast in the bathroom as ‘just the most stupid thing to do’.

She said: ‘If you’re going to eat food you should eat it in the kitchen or the dining room.

‘People usually say “I only get food poisoning from a restaurant, I don’t get it in my home”.

‘No that’s not correct, probably at least 30% of food poisoning outbreaks are in our homes due to poor standards of food handling, food storage and food cooking.

‘So to increase that risk by taking food into the one place where we have an increased risk of a spread of gut microbes, is just very irresponsible.’

Dr Bloomfield said the same goes for eating in our beds, although the risk is slightly less than the bathroom.

She said: ‘The risks are minimal but bed bugs build up in our beds and they feed off our skin cells so that’s why it is important to wash your sheets regularly, so why you would want to increase the risk I don’t know.

Though it’s not ideal to eat food in the bedroom, Dr Bloomfield reiterates that eating food on the loo is a real no-go.

‘They shouldn’t do it. Most of the time you’ll get away with it. Whenever you go into the bathroom and take your food with you you are taking a risk and you’re saying “oh it never happens to me,”‘ she said.

‘The bathroom is where there is risk. That’s why we have a loo in there, that’s why we have a basin to take germs away when it’s necessary.

‘Hygiene is about being respectful to other people, so if you insist on eating the bathroom and getting an infection then you start spreading it around your family. It’s about being respectful to the people you live with.’

So take notes. No food in the bathroom, sorry Kourtney.

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