The Portzon Dumbbells Have Over 4,000 Positive Reviews On Amazon

There’s no better time to stock up on new equipment for the home gym you’ve unintentionally built this year than when it’s on sale. So go ahead and run over to Amazon because these best-selling dumbbell hand weights are 29 percent off today.

The Portzon dumbbells are perfect for those looking for a non-slip grip. They’re coated in neoprene, which makes them more gentle to hold while protecting your hands against calluses. These #1 best sellers on Amazon are also made with solid cast iron, which makes the dumbbells tough, durable, and stable.

The hand weights also have a unique hexagon shape that makes them easier to stack if you’re interested in buying more than just one pair. They’re currently available in sets ranging from two pounds to eight.

The dumbbells have nearly 4,500 positive reviews on Amazon from people who say they’ve been able to improve they’re at-home fitness with these hand weights.

Just ask this trainer.

“Bought for my wife to use. I’m a coach and have trained two world champions and one Olympic Trials finalist. These little things are very good for home fitness. The grip feels amazingly comfortable. Color is nice. Balance is perfect,” wrote the customer.

Another mentioned that they enjoyed how comfy it feels to grip the weights.

“🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 great free weights. Well-packaged and arrived on time. Great non-slip grip. No blisters and calluses like traditional free weights. No need to wear gloves or take off rings. Love them!” wrote the reviewer.

The dumbbells are currently on sale for about $10 off. Grab a set on Amazon for just $26.

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