Tia Mowry’s Son Cree’s Hilarious Reaction to His Mom’s Dance Moves Is Peak Teenager Behavior

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Tia Mowry’s new video with her son proves that even superstars can be adorable, embarrassing moms to their kids.

On July 31, the Sister Sister alum shared a seriously fun video of her and her son Cree having one of their iconic dance-offs, and his reaction shows he’s hitting that peak teenager behavior! She shared the video with the caption reading, “Part 3 of me and Cree’s big dance-off! Y’all see these moves 💃🏽Ya girl still got it!!”

She added, “But as you can see, one of us clearly has better taste in music! coughs me 😂 I may be biased, so what do you think? Who’s getting the aux, me or Cree?”

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We start the video with Mowry telling the audience and her son that they’ll be dancing off to both music from her adolescence and his go-to music. In one hilarious instance, she called her music the “bomb dot com,” and her son immediately replied, “Oh lord,” and both Mowry and us couldn’t stop laughing at that reaction!

Then they agree to shake on it, and Mowry asks, “Is this what you do with your dawgs?” and Cree just stands there, looking beyond confused as she continues to laugh! Cree went first in the dance-off, doing an impressive move that Mowry tried to accomplish soon after, but as the caption shows, “Cree was not impressed” and screamed “no!” before walking away. (But don’t worry, he later shows her how to ace the move!)

Then it’s Mowry’s turn, and once her songs pull up, the caption in the video reads, “the spirit of Tia in the 90s entering my body!” Mowry starts to dance her heart out, and Cree gives the most hilarious facial expression as his reaction!

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