Valerie Bertinelli's Millionaire Bars Are the Perfect Dessert for Candy Lovers

Is it too early to start daydreaming about Halloween candy? We don’t care if so, because we have a sweet tooth that can only be satisfied with candy corn, pumpkin-shaped Reece’s, and other frightfully good treats. Luckily, Valerie Bertinelli understands our candy obsession, and her latest recipe is the perfect dessert.

Bertinelli shared a video of her Millionaire Bars recipe on the Food Network YouTube, and they look absolutely divine. It’s divided into three parts: a shortbread crust, caramel layer, and chocolate layer.

Prepare the crust in a large bowl with an electric mixer, then press it into an 8-inch square pan. You’ll bake this first, just until the edges get that irresistible golden glow. Next, make the caramel layer, which is made with sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, and other ingredients. You’ll mix this in a saucepan until it’s melted and delicious, then pour it onto the cooled crust.

The chocolate layer comes last, after the caramel and shortbread are cooled. Simply melt semi-sweet chocolate in a double boiler and pour it over the top of the caramel when it’s done. The finished product needs to be refrigerated again before it can be cut into bars and enjoyed. It’s like your very own handmade candy bar that is so rich you’ll feel like a millionaire while eating it!

“Just look at it — that beautiful shortbread at the bottom of the caramel,” Bertinelli says in the video. “The chocolate. Literally trying to speak, having a hard time because my mouth is watering so dramatically,” she added. That is high praise!

These Millionaire Bars could be dangerous for candy lovers, so make sure to prepare them on a day when you’ll have lots of guests over, so you don’t accidentally eat them all yourself. Or freeze them and keep them for a delicious treat whenever you want!

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