You Can Call This Adorable Cat a Flower If You Want To!

We only have the nicest things to say about Flower! She’s a New York City kitty who is sure to make your heart go “thump-thump!”

Flower may remind you of a certain cartoon animal—she can be bashful at first blush, she has a black coat with a beautiful white stripe and she loves her friends! She is a quiet, expressive cat who loves to relax in her cat tree and watch the world go by. She takes some time to adjust to new spaces, but once she blossoms, she’s truly the sweetest kitty! Flower loves to let you know when it’s mealtime by rubbing against your legs and giving little chirps. She really enjoys taking a comfy nap in a sunbeam and curling up in cozy nooks. Like so many flowers in the big city, she’s beautiful on the outside and a resilient cookie on the inside.

When Flower joins your family, you should use a slow approach and avoid forced interactions. Slow and steady wins over this precious girl’s affections! She would do best in a home with teens and up, has previously enjoyed the company of other cats and it is unknown how she’d do with a dog. A Matchmaker can also discuss Flower’s specific medical needs with you and how to best set her up for success in your home.

Are you ready to put down roots with Flower in the tri-state area? Visit her profile to submit an application!

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