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Whether it be the four tons of diamond dust coating the floors for a New Year’s Eve bash, or the white horse Bianca Jagger rode in, the high-octane aesthetics of Studio 54 have become synonymous with disco, and with New York nightlife writ large. A new exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, “Studio 54: Night Magic,” turns the spotlight on the fashion and beauty mores of the period. “Often we have exhibits about fashion, but we don’t think about the makeup or the hair. But disco had a total look,” said curator Matthew Yokobosky. “It wasn’t just a dress. No one was going out undone.”

Beauty-wise, Studio 54 heralded the move from girl-next-door to disco queen. “Back in 1975, 1976, it would’ve been more of a Farrah Fawcett look; we were still trying to come to grips with natural makeup,” said Yokobosky. “When Disco hit its height, the hairstyles became a lot more free.”

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