1 in 3 Brits embarrassed to talk about digestive health symptoms, study finds

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A third of Brits (33%) are embarrassed to talk about their digestive health symptoms and almost two-thirds (64%) would like more support to help understand their gut health, new research suggests.

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The study, conducted by leading diarrhea relief brand Imodium®, also revealed that more than half of those aged 18-24 (53%) admitted to feeling embarrassed to talk about their digestive health symptoms. Feelings of embarrassment may prompt younger individuals to avoid seeking advice from healthcare professionals, instead relying on unverified sources on social media for tips and guidance.

Nearly one-third of respondents aged 18-24 (29%) reported turning to social influencers on several platforms like TikTok for digestive health advice, even if these influencers lacked any medical expertise.

To help address this, Imodium® developed a 28-day gut guide to provide practical tips and lifestyle changes, dispelling common misconceptions and promoting better digestive health.

The 5 most common misconceptions were:

  1. More than half don’t realize that overeating is bad for gut health (54%)
  2. Almost half don’t realize regular exercise can improve gut health (47%)
  3. Almost half don’t realize eating food slowly can aid digestion (47%)
  4. Almost half don’t realize avoiding processed foods and added sugar is important for gut health (47%)
  5. Over two-fifths don’t realize stress can have a negative impact on gut health (41%)

Despite the stigma surrounding digestive health and symptoms, it's important to discuss these issues and educate people about the small lifestyle changes they can make to improve their gut health. After all, gut health is so important: not only to aid in the digestion of our food and absorption of nutrients but also to help balance our immune system and hormones to keep us healthy. While social media may seem like an easy and private way to gather information, it’s crucial to consult with professionals and use reliable sources for the sake of one’s health, and that’s why we developed this easily ‘digestible’ gut health guide.”

Hannah Silcox, Senior Brand Manager, Imodium®

To start your journey to better gut health, visit www.imodium.co.uk/looking-after-your-gut. 



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