Aggressive Virus from China spreads: First infection confirmed in South Korea

Thus, there are now three known deaths, as the health authority of the hard-hit Central Chinese city of Wuhan reported on Monday. For the first time, infection with the Coronavirus have been detected also in other places in China. Experts fear that the probably of an animal übergesprun genes can pathogens be different than initially assumed transferred from person to person.

Analyses of the genome had revealed to the Berliner virus researcher Christian Drosten, according to that it is the causative agent of a Sars-variant. A Sars Virus had died of China, starting in 2002/2003, a worldwide pandemic with 8000 Infected result, about 800 people.

Coronavirus: a 35-year-old woman in South Korea ill

According to country authorities , of the cases reported in Thailand and Japan is now also in South Korea infection as confirmed. A 35-year-old Chinese woman who came on Sunday from Wuhan, have suffered from fever, respiratory problems and other symptoms of illness, according to the Korean centers for disease control and prevention.

In Beijing, in the North of China, the new Sars-variant was detected according to the authorities, in the meantime, in two patients, in Shenzhen in the South with a. All three were previously in Wuhan. The majority of infections concentrated with 198 known cases, more on the 11-million-metropolis. Of the patients 35 are ill, of which nine are in critical condition, the health authority reported.

“There is no clear evidence for Transmission from human to human have been found.”

200 cases of lung disease in China

With the sudden increase to 200 in the previously known cases overnight have more than tripled. Experts at the Imperial College London expect, however, that the disease is much more common. According to your extrapolation, there could be more than 1700 Infected.

China’s health Commission, said in Beijing, the means of Transmission "still not completely verstanden". The initial infections were associated with a now-closed fish market in Wuhan in connection, also wild animals were sold.

Corona viruses are often harmless, but also dangerous

Corona viruses often cause harmless illnesses like colds, but also pathogens include dangerous respiratory diseases such as Sars and Mers. In the case of the Sars-pandemic in 2002/2003, the outbreak was covered up initially, which prevents a quick reaction and dissemination would have facilitated. The then Sars pathogen was most likely from a wild animal to human, adopted source of civets.

The Chinese authorities already have a hypothesis of what species of animal the new pathogen could be spread to the people, had the virus, explains researcher Drosten recently. "But it is announced officially, and when it is secured." Sars stands for "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome", so Severe Acute respiratory syndrome.

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With the current travel boom to the Chinese new year festival next Saturday the risk of Transmission of infectious diseases is growing. At the largest annual migration, several Hundred million Chinese are on the move. Asian neighbors and the three of US airports have introduced because of the new lung disease, in the meantime, fever checks when entering the country from Wuhan.

The world health organization said, to date, no travel warning for tourists. The American health authority CDC advised travelers to Wuhan, only to avoid animal markets and contact with animals or sick persons. "A limited human to human Transmission could occur."

US Embassy issues travel warning for Wuhan

Other Asian States have enhanced precautions upon entry, especially by travellers from Wuhan and fever controls introduced to prevent a feared spread. The U.S. Embassy in Beijing issued a warning for travelers to Wuhan.

The condition of the patient, as well as the spread of the disease is currently "kontrollierbar", Wang Guangfa, a member of the national team of experts in Wuhan, said, according to the official Xinhua news Agency. The proportion of severe cases was also inflammation comparable with ordinary cases of lung.

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