Bowel complaints: Chinese after surgery, 13 pounds lighter

A 22-year-old Chinese man complaining of abdominal pain and is admitted to a clinic in Shanghai. After in-depth studies to be 13 pounds heavier the colon is removed. The reason is a congenital disease.

The Doctors had to act fast, the abdomen was greatly distended and looked as if he would burst at any Moment. A surgical procedure was necessary. Then the man was 13 pounds lighter. His complete colon was extremely clogged, had to be removed. The photos of the removed organ remind a little of a Monster from the "Alien"-Movies.

Congenital malfunction was the trigger

The reason for the condition of the young man the so-called Hirschsprung’s disease, also congenital megacolon is called. This is a congenital malfunction of the colon, which leads to the fact that this is not emptied properly. Therefore, the intestine swells with the time. It can cause vomiting and bowel incontinence come.

The treatment consists of a surgical procedure where either a part of the affected bowel is cut out, or a colostomy is created. The disease occurs in one of 5,000 children. It is usually detected in early Childhood. Only in very rare cases, such as in the case of the young Chinese, it will stay hidden for long. How is the patient now, is unknown.