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Panel proposes shortened summer vacation

Starting from 4.May the school be re-entered progressively, decided recently by the Federal government. Since, initially, only certain levels be approved, this could mean for some students, that they did not return again until after the summer holidays in the school. The scientific Advisory Board for family Affairs from now to shorten the summer holidays for this reason.

From the 4. May be given on the students of the graduating classes and year groups in the school, the drop in the next school year, your exams. This also applies to the last grade of primary school, because you have a change of school prior to the decision of the Federal government. All other children must remain at home.

Some school children may develop learning deficits

In the worst case, this could mean that some of the school children return after the summer holidays in August in the school. That would be about five months without school too long, my experts of the scientific Advisory Board. Not all the children could survive this long time without learning deficits.

Professor Dr. Birgit Leyendecker, the Director of the Ruhr-University Bochum, working group family research, initiated with the Advisory Board to shorten the summer holidays to give the students the possibility of resulting learning deficits catch up.

Social injustices are reinforced by the pandemic

“The pandemic is increasingly very likely to be existing social inequalities in Germany and is a burden on families is very different,” explained Leyendecker. Children and young people in need in this summer of diverse offers, so you can get a good start in the new school year. This is not only a necessary contribution to the educational equity, but also to the family justice, stresses the Professor.

Future opportunities for the socially Disadvantaged to improve

Leyendecker draws attention to the fact that the Corona-crisis has the potential to exacerbate social differences and weaknesses the future opportunities of children and young people unequal. The scientific Advisory Board for family Affairs expects an intensification of the education of the scissors effect after the end of the “Corona-holiday”.

Children are encouraged at home varies greatly

While the children are promoted, some parents relatively strong, and so their level of knowledge, or even expand can keep children from resource-poor households a lot of time to activate the previously learned again. This effect is the Advisory Council, according to the normal summer vacation known.

“Normally, these differences in the course of the school year are reduced,” explained Leyendecker. The Corona-forced break could reinforce this effect. “We need in the summer and into the fall, a broad-based education and support offer of good quality and a broad social solidarity,” insists the expert.

Must take the rest of this year, six weeks?

Holidays are important to children and young people time with their family, for recreation and for self-determined activities. In the opinion of the Advisory Board, six weeks of this year, but too much of a Good thing. In addition, parents were this year reduced than usual. Many have already used their vacation days to bridge the time of the lock downs.

A teacher Association is not convinced by the proposal

The German teachers ‘ Association considers the proposal to shorten the summer holiday is too early. “I believe, lead to at the present time, a discussion of the shortening of summer vacation, “goes wrong” actually,” said teachers Association President Heinz-Peter Meidinger, compared to the Germany radio. You should instead go on a good overall concept in order to convey the learning material.

He stresses that it is currently not possible, sufficient class rooms and teachers to apply in order to comply with the hygiene measures. A reinforced Learning at home, you can’t at the Moment. (vb)