Coronavirus: nurses flee out of canadian old people’s home – 31 Dead

31 Deaths within a few weeks: This is the tragic balance in a canadian seniors ‘ home after almost all the nurses had left the home for fear of a spread of the Coronavirus in a hurry. Health authorities found the people in the home in Dorval in Montréal until days later – many of the Survivors dehydrated, malnourished, and listless

Two death cases remained for days unnoticed. The Prime Minister of Quebec, Francois Legault, announced an investigation because of gross negligence.

After Legaults information, only two were at the end of forces in the home, in order to supply a total of 130 residents. “I was bad, I was really bad,” Moira said Davis, whose father is on 8. April in the nursing home, the news Agency AFP had died. The 86-year-old is supposed to have a week before his death with the Coronavirus infected.

“Horror-old-home” shocking, Canada

According to official data, at least five residents have died of the Coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19. The cause of death of the 26 other cases, a coroner is now.

In canadian media, the “Horror-old home has become” in Dorval for the icon of the Corona-crisis. Half of the almost 1300 Corona-related deaths in Canada occurred in long-term-care homes. The home of her father, was a “Prime example of what runs in our care for the elderly wrong,” said Davis.

Three types of bizarre ways: for example, the Corona common-mutations on the world

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