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Diabetics often have problems with the kidneys

According to the experts, living in Germany more than seven million people suffering from Diabetes. Again and again, it is pointed out that the so-called sugar disease is also associated with a sequence related. So it comes about often to kidney damage. To avoid this, it is recommended to medical studies – and to a healthier life style.

In people with Diabetes, problems with kidney is a frequently. And with kidney disease in many cases, undiscovered Diabetes. The German Diabetes society (DDG) points out in a recent communication. Therefore, it should be taken for kidney problems in the blood glucose under the microscope.

Dangerous Complications

In Germany, approximately 7.6 million people are affected, according to analysis from the past year of Diabetes.

The disease can lead to numerous secondary diseases to. Often the sugar due to illness in the course of time diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as heart attack or chronic heart weakness. Also the kidneys will be affected.

So Diabetes mellitus is the most common cause of kidney failure – about 40 percent of people with type 2 Diabetes have the DDG according to a kidney damage.

Some of these patients are in need of a new kidney. However, a transplant for the Affected often as a result of existing comorbidities in question. For you a life-long dialysis (blood wash) is essential.

Kidney patients often suffer from undetected Diabetes

And kidney disease often have an undetected Diabetes. According to the private lecturer Dr. med. Martina Guthoff, Nephrologist and senior physician in the section of kidney and high pressure diseases at the Medical clinic IV, in Tübingen, Germany, studies show that “approximately every third person has on the waiting list for kidney transplantation, a previously unrecognized Diabetes or pre-diabetes”.

Early detection of Diabetes and kidney disease is, therefore, absolutely necessary to preserve the Affected kidney damage and, possibly, a transplant or life long dialysis.

For all kidney patients should be tested according to the expert on a Diabetes.

“To diagnose any problems with your kidneys in a timely manner and consistently treat patients with Diabetes should be at least once a year for the Presence of protein in the urine – the so – called albuminuria-screening”, explains Dr. med. Ludwig Merker from the MVZ DaVita Diabetes and kidney center Dormagen in the DDG-communication.

In addition, in all patients with Diabetes is important to determine the eGFR value that represents the filtration property of the kidney. “Also, the blood pressure is checked regularly, since an increase in a note to the beginning of kidney damage can be”, said the Chairman of the DDG AG “Diabetes and kidney”.

What can do you yourself

At the same time should be in Concerned, a goal – oriented Diabetes and blood pressure, and therapy for stable blood sugar levels and good blood creates pressure.

Because permanently elevated blood sugar and blood pressure, according to the DDG the main risk factors for kidney damage.

“Every Patient can also contribute something for a good renal function. Especially effective it will be, if diabetes patients reduce their weight, not smoke and eat healthy,“ explains marker. (ad)

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