Easter holidays in the Corona-crisis: service ready pharmacies

According to experience, are looking for patients, most frequently for travel time at Easter, an emergency pharmacy. This year, the people because of the Corona of a pandemic to stay home, the pharmacies, but as usual, the holidays service. Where the nearest is, says the emergency service search on aponet.de as well as the pharmacy finder 22 8 33.

Topics Of Special Coronavirus

More recent contributions to SARS-CoV-2, and Covid-19 can be found in the special Coronavirus on aponet.de.

Patients who have reasonable grounds to suspect, to have the novel Coronavirus infected, should not go directly to the pharmacy or doctor’s office, but that in advance by telephone to inform. Medical advice, it is under the nationwide number 116 117 or by phone in the doctor’s office. By phone information on medicines may be the local pharmacy, also in the emergency service. Their contact details are there aponet.de or in the pharmacy finder 22 8 33. The ABDA &ndash has; Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists, which operates the pharmacy finder 22 8 33 and all 19.075 public pharmacies, as well as at night and on public holidays the 1,300 emergency service pharmacies lists.

The health portal aponet.de is mobile and to reach easily and conveniently from home. Those who prefer to call in or an App, preferably, is with the pharmacy finder 22 8 33 correctly. This is available as a free App for Smartphones from the App Store or Google Play Store and as a mobile website www.apothekenfinder.mobi. By phone you can call nationwide without area code, the 22 8 33 or a text message with the five-digit zip code to send (69 cents per Minute/SMS). From home, patients can choose the free landline number 0800 00 22 8 33.


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