Infections Loge warns: prevalence of younger age groups is a dangerous mistake

Loosening of curfews to make possible, in the discussion, there is a prevalence in the younger age groups to allow. Now a infection Loge warns against this Option. The consequences would be hard to estimate, because many people could die from it.

Germany yearns for an early easing of the current output block, so that our economic and social life again soon, you can normalize. Since the infection numbers have reduced by the present measures, plead in favour of it, after Easter, a easing for Not-at-risk groups to allow for – say, for young age groups without pre-existing conditions.

The idea behind it: This is a controlled could take place by prevalence in the population to produce herd immunity. Because if a large part of the German population is immune, it can no longer spread the Virus is so strong. Therefore, herd immunity also provides those with a certain level of protection, are not immune.

“There is no precedent for the Functioning of a controlled infection”

To achieve this effect also with SARS-CoV-2, which some scientists see as a possible way out from the Corona-crisis holds, Bernd Salzberger, President of the German society for infectiology (DGI) in Heidelberg is simply wrong: “There is absolutely no precedent for the Functioning of a controlled infection,” explains the Professor.

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