How to lose visceral fat: The best exercise to help shed the dangerous belly fat

Visceral fat can be shredded by exercise. But what’s the best exercise you can partake in that will get rid of it? Find out here.

Countless studies have revealed how beneficial aerobic exercise is.

For instance, aerobic exercise has been shown to reduce levels of visceral fat.

To illustrate, a systematic review and meta-analysis was performed by researchers from the University of Antwerp.


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Collaborating with a team of researchers from the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, they investigated visceral fat.

The aim of their meta analysis was to observe the overall effect of exercise on visceral fat levels.

What they found was that “aerobic training of moderate or high intensity has the highest potential to reduce visceral adipose tissue [visceral fat] in overweight males and females.”

So, what’s a good example of aerobic exercise that is fun, stimulating and can be done during lockdown? The answer is tennis.

Complimenting social distancing rules currently in force, tennis is a sport where close person to person contact can be avoided.

The Government published official guidelines stating that people are now allowed to exercise with members of their household.

Additionally, the public are able to exercise with up to five other people from outside your household.

This makes playing doubles tennis the superb way to socialise, keep fit and lose visceral fat.

What’s doubles tennis?

This is where two players are on each side of the tennis court.

There are specific rules that allow players to alternate who serves the ball.

This type of aerobic activity raises your heart rate and makes you sweat.

Research has indicated that the size of your belly is a relatively reliable indicator of the health risks associated with visceral fat.


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Typically, a protruding belly signifies too much visceral fat.

An alternative way to see if you’re storing too much visceral fat is to get out a clothing tape measure.

Wrap the tape measure around your torso, in alignment with the belly button.

Then do the same with your hips, then calculate your waist to hip ratio.

To work out the waist to hip ratio, divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement.

Men who have a waist to hip ratio above one have too much visceral fat.

For women, the waist to hip ratio needs to be 0.85 or lower to be considered safe.

Remember, too much visceral fat wreaks havoc on your health.

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