Nationwide recall: fish fillet may contain foreign body

The company pick pack Seafoods recalls fish fillets, which were nationwide, sold in branches of the supermarket chain Netto Marken-Discount. It cannot be excluded that a foreign body included in each of the packs of the Schlemmer fillets.

On the recall, the manufacturer announced on Wednesday. This is the web page product warning, first It cannot be excluded that the white plastic parts in individual packages of gourmet fillets.

It is of critical goods to the “SeaGold Schlemmer-filet à la Italy in the 400-gram pack. Also net informed on its website about the recall.

  • Batch Number: L9338
  • Date of minimum durability: 12.2020

The product was nationwide sold in branches of Netto Marken-Discount. Against a template of the empty packaging or appropriate receipts, customers get the price in your store be refunded.

Zupfkuchen at Rewe also called back

Also Rewe currently informed about a recall: The Chocolate-"Rewe Best Wahl" is withdrawn due to the risk of injury of the mouth and throat from the traffic. In the product due to a production error, the white plastic could be parts. The manufacturer, the company B F Bakery & Food, warns urgently before consumption. More about Rewe-callback .