Simple protection in front of Corona-infection: Why is it so hard not to touch the face and how it works

The mouth, nose and eyes do not touch: This is one of the most effective ways to avoid a Corona-infection. But it is very difficult for us. Here you can read why this is so and what are the tips and Tricks to break the Habit of help.

Face touching is a natural human habit. From birth we are conditioned to our own face to the touch. As scientists Kevin Chapman to the “Business Insider” explains, this is an important part of human communication.

An instinctive movement is difficult. Even if you know that it would be good for you, says the scientist. However, Chapman gives us hope and says: "A habit change is quite possible and requires the Use of skills, to program their own action tendencies new.“

As we learn to us

First of all, Chapman says that we should not be too strict with ourselves: suppressing thoughts and habits usually leads to the fact that we reach exactly the opposite. If we say to ourselves that we are not allowed to touch us in the face, we want to touch it, and probably even more.

Chapman proposes, therefore, a much milder approach. Instead of the doctrine "I’m going to berühren&quot my face today in Public, not at all; to scourge, says you &quot prefer:;I need to be now more aware about the fact that I touch my own face."

Cell phone and stress ball can help

Our Smartphone can help us actively. You set yourself a reminder. So, your phone can remind you actively working to make sure your face touches.

Cognitive researcher Denise Cummins advises in an interview with “Huffpost” also, to not block the own hands, in order not to fall in temptation to touch your face. You could try to deal with your hands with a stress ball or to cross your arms.

In addition, it helps

What can help against infection:

  • The own wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with warm, soapy water
  • To stay home when one is sick
  • Close contact with sick people avoid

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