Spahn promised millions of protective masks – but Doctors are complaining about empty warehouses

Replenishment is on the way. That was the promise, the Minister of health, Jens Spahn gave last week to the public. Tens of millions of much-needed respiratory protection masks should be promptly to Doctors, hospitals and Fund medical associations and delivered. But now votes that, so far, of which hardly anything has arrived is growing.

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Actually, here the boxes should be full of equipment for the Berlin Doctors, but the warehouse is almost empty. The photo spread on Monday, the kassenärztliche Vereinigung Berlin (KV). The Association is sounding the Alarm: If there are still no supplies come, can be seriously ill patients do not continue to be supplied.

“Last Thursday, the Federal health Ministry announced protective masks should arrive at the kassenärztliche Vereinigung Berlin, however, still reigns in the camp of the KV, just Empty,” complains the KV. It is only a small amount of protection coats and gloves arrived. “Of the promised protection masks arrived today, only 8000 pieces, this is just a protective mask, per practice,” the report says.

Already, practices have to restrict because of the lack of supplies to their operation or even set. The KV noted that currently, only the stationary operation will be done, for the medical care, but also of the outpatient operation is important. It was mainly to severely ill patients who are dependent on regular contact with their practices.


Desperate and at the end of their force: So fierce the hospital everyday for helpers

FOCUS Online/Wochit Desperate and at the end of their force: So fierce is the hospital everyday for helpers

Report: Only 150,000 respirator masks for Doctors nationwide

In other Parts of Germany, it looks apparently similar. The “Business Insider” reports with reference to the Fund of the Federal Association of medical that on Monday just to 150,000 masks were nationwide in the delivery – what would be the equivalent of a breathing mask pro providers in private physician.

But not only in the doctor’s offices will continue to be in urgent need of medical protective equipment, of all places in Heinsberg is a bottleneck also. The district administrator of the Coronavirus in North Rhine-Westphalia that are particularly affected circle, Stephan Pusch (CDU), meanwhile, has asked China to support. In the circle of the available masks or protective clothing coats to be sufficient only for a few days, wrote Pusch on Monday in an open letter to the Chinese state and party chief Xi Jinping. A little later the düsseldorf Consul General called Pusch and offered to help.

District administrator: "The Chinese will do what they can to helfen&quot to us;

In the fight against the Virus, the authorities in China have repeatedly stressed the importance of adequate protective material, wrote Pusch in the letter, which was addressed to the Chinese Embassy in Berlin. “As far as the crisis staff and the hospitals can’t get a sufficiently protective materials – what is more difficult – would have far-reaching severe consequences for the health system in the district of Heinsberg and for the people here. In my role as district administrator, I would ask, therefore, the people’s Republic of China to support,“ it said in the Write more.

Because doctors in China have obviously made the most of the experience in dealing with containment and control of the Corona Virus, was also a professional exchange of experience. With over 1000 Infected the circle have to complain about 21 people Dead. In the Other, he could imagine a partnership of the circle with the affected by the epidemic to the Chinese province of Wuhan well.

Late Monday afternoon, Pusch said in a video message that he had promptly got a call from the Chinese Consul General in Düsseldorf. “We had a nice talk, he has offered his help,” says Pusch. The topic of material desires should be to him, said the Consul General, “and the Chinese would then do what you can to help us.” Pusch said he would unload the materials personally, if it come to it.

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