Trend-setting start by the end of immune tests in a few weeks – a Top virologist Drosten explains the importance of

Currently being tested in Germany, primarily, whether or not a Patient has been infected with the Coronavirus or not. In the near future should be able to be tested in the width but also who had the Virus already, so who is already immune to it. These results will set the direction.

According to Christian Drosten, the virologists of the Charité in Berlin, is now the development of a reliable antibody tests for the masses is an important scientific goal in the fight against the pandemic. The Drosten of the NDR Podcast &quot said;The Coronavirus-Update". The reason is that There is hardly any data on the number of people infected, but the but had no, or a hardly noticeable progression of the disease, and so, perhaps, nothing of the disease have noticed. Reuters/Christophe Gateau/dpa , Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute for Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin.

This would be according to the current state of knowledge, now immune to the Coronavirus, and would contribute a significant aid to the so-called herd immunity. These Figures are "in addition to the current notification data and the amount of the Deceased in the third major column with Information sein", so Drosten.

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Antibody tests can start in a few weeks

This is important for further actions in Germany, for example, for the relaxation of the imposed restrictions. Drosten is estimated that in two to three months, these Tests will be in the width, but the first devices should go much earlier in the operation, among other things, in the Charité in Berlin.   
In the fight against the Coronavirus, these Tests can be an additional help by Checking the immunity of clinic staff, care staff, etc., In the determination of the immunity of these persons could be safely used again in the service. Drosten also considers it possible that, in addition to validated rapid tests on the market could come, which will be available in pharmacies.

Drosten: Quick implementation of Tests "the Regelfall"

Drosten was in the latest Podcast once again about the current frequency and duration of the Corona-testing in Germany. The Public is often implied that the Tests to go ahead in this country is rather slow, so Drosten. But this isn’t the case. "I have the impression that especially in the Public with their Statements that are annoyed and waiting mussten", he says.   

"I don’t think anyone tweeted: ‘That worked out so well, I immediately get my results.’ But cases like these and are also normally the case. We are relatively quickly." The big Problem is the logistics, the current Flooding of the labs Tests, the test of capacity in Germany was in an international comparison, extremely high.

Drosten: "We test a lot in Deutschland"

Latest Figures show that in comparison to the past few days and weeks, the increase in the number of Corona-infected persons in Germany, flattens. Of a reduction in Germany is still far away, but it is a first positive Signal.

According to Drosten, the rapid recognition of this development, because &quot is;because we are in Germany so much testen". Thus the low mortality rate of just 0.5 per cent, should be declared in tested cases.

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