Blood groups-Chaos: Only A is considered Covid-19-risk – new studies come to different results,

Physicians are continually discovering new factors that can mitigate the Covid-19-the course or aggravate. In June, researchers found that the blood group could have a massive impact on the Severity of the disease. New studies now, however, is in question.

During a Covid-19-disease failure in some people, to Breath, to death, to feel others barely the symptoms. The reasons for the very different histories are still largely unclear. A more important factor, however, could be the blood group came to this conclusion, an international team of researchers, at least in June in the prestigious journal “New England Journal of Medicine” published a study (FOCUS Online reported).

Therefore, people in Germany, most common blood group A had a nearly 50 percent higher risk for a severe course of Infection than those with other blood groups. People with blood group 0 approximately a 50 percent lower risk for a serious Covid-19-disease.

Blood group is not a relevant risk factor in Covid-19?

Other researchers have examined this connection now also – but with much less clear-cut results: As a medical doctor at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital as well as at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York to strong influence of blood group on the history of Covid-19 were able to demonstrate in their patients.

In the case of the 7648 between March and April, examined patients at the Massachusetts General hospital showed that people with blood group 0 had received, compared to people with blood group B and AB, and, more rarely, a positive test result. For the course of the infection, but the doctors were unable to establish a significant influence of the blood group.

And also the influence on the likelihood of Infection was so low that the doctors derive any regularity. No one could feel whether his blood group is safe from the Virus, say US researchers.

Doctors see “no significant relationships”

Similar to the investigation of the Columbia Presbyterian hospital revealed: here, Too, the physician in the 1559 studied, Corona-patients were able to demonstrate “no significant correlations between the blood group and the likelihood of a necessary mechanical ventilation or the mortality rate in consequence of Covid-19”. The authors of both studies do not count the blood group of the factors that go to determine what course of infection with the Coronavirus takes.

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That there may be correlations between the blood group of a people and in certain diseases is not new. As has already been observed that people with blood group 0 less cardiovascular to develop diseases than other blood groups-types, while those suffering with blood group AB are less exposed to high blood pressure. The reasons for these correlations have not been clarified, however.

RKI: What is considered previously as a risk factor for Covid-19

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) lists so far, the following factors as risk factors for a severe Covid-19-course:

  • Age: The risk of serious disease increases from 50 to 60 years steadily with age. In particular, older people could be due to less responsive immune system after an infection, severe fall ill, explain the experts. Because nonspecific symptoms of illness such as fever, are the response of the immune system on an infection, could this be the age in addition, weaker or missing, which Ill then went later to the doctor, warns the RKI.
  • Diseases: various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, diseases of the respiratory system, the liver, the kidney, cancer diseases or factors such as obesity and Smoking seem to be to the data of the RKI to the risk for a severe course of the disease to increase.
  • A suppressed immune system (for example, due to a disease with an immune deficiency is accompanied by, or due to taking medications, the the body’s immune response, such as, for example, cortisone): This increase the risk of a serious Corona disease also.

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