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Fruit juice as the basis for a healthy diet

Children who regularly drink 100 percent fruit juice without additives, have in later life health advantages over children who do not drink fruit juice. This is the result of a study, the healthy dietary pattern in children examined.

Researchers from Boston University found that the consumption of 100 percent fruit juice at the beginning of life is associated with healthier dietary patterns later in life. The juice influenced, in spite of a high content of natural sugar, the weight of the Participating non-negative. Instead, the kids also ate in the other life more whole fruits and inclined sections of the patterns to better Nutrition. The study was recently presented in the journal “BMC Nutrition”.

Fruit juice promotes healthy dietary pattern

“We know that eating fruit and the quality of the diet typically decreases from early Childhood to adolescence,” says research leader Dr. Lynn L. Moore. The study showed that children, the fruit in the preschool period, around 1.5 cups of juice (approximately 200 milliliters) until, in adolescence tended to a healthier diet, as children, during the preschool time is less than half a Cup of fruit juice per day drank.

A Decade Of Nutrition Data

In the study, dietary data was evaluated, which included data on the size and weight of the Participants. The 100 subjects and the subjects were at the beginning of the study, between three and six years old, and have been observed over a period of ten years.

Good eating patterns begin in front of the school

Preschool children who drank more 100 percent fruit juice, fulfilled the study according to the current recommendations of the dietary guidelines for consumption of total fruit during puberty, with around four times more likely than those in preschool children, which took only a little juice. “The fruit consumption, especially the consumption of whole fruit, during the entire life span, many health benefits,” says Moore. Anyone who gives up early on fruit juice, could already place unintentionally the Foundation for subsequent nutritional deficiencies.

Fruit juice consumption was not associated with more weight

Pure fruit juices often have a lot of calories, as they contain a lot of natural sugar. The researchers showed, however, that with the “calorie bombs” will not have any adverse effects on the child’s weight go hand in hand. At least not if there is only one glass (200 ml) is drunk per day. (vb)

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