Yes, Your Pubic Hair Can Actually Affect Your Health

First of all, why do we even have it?

So, there’s a case for keeping the bush

Given these built-in protective benefits, embracing your womanly nature might be worthwhile. However, do take note: “Bacteria grows in moisture, and sometimes hair can contribute to having more of a moist area,” Shepherd said. “Some women work out a lot or like to go swimming, and this trapped sweat and moisture may increase the chances of getting a yeast infection.”

Shaving vs. waxing: The showdown

“A wax professional should be sure to have a client fill out a pre-wax form asking questions about medications and health conditions,” Rivera said, as certain skin care prescriptions like Accutane can make your skin surface dangerously prone to burns.

Hair care is not one-size-fits all

The newest grooming trend? Self confidence

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